Unity Integrates Everyplay and GameAds

Unity Acquires Applifier

Unity Acquires Applifier

Unity Technologies announced today that they have acquired Applifier, and will now integrate its Everyplay and GameAds services into their premier Unity game development platform. These services will be fully integrated in the near future, but Everyplay is available as an add-on now. While the Applifier team will stay the same, and their current customers will see no changes, it is likely that these products will eventually become a backbone of the Unity Cloud services.


The Everyplay service allows players to share instant replay videos of their game experiences. This helps fans evangelize the games they play. Just as instant replay changed spots broadcasting, Everyplay is doing the same for gaming.

Everyplay is free, and can quickly and easily be integrated into any Unity game. It is available on the Unity Asset Store.


GameAds is a video ad-sharing service, which allows publishers to find new players and monetize even non-paying customers with video ads.

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