Unreal Engine 4 Subscription Available

Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4

Today, Epic announced that the Unreal Engine 4 was available for all users at a subscription rate of just $19 per month. Commercial sales then require a licensing fee of 5% of gross revenue.

This is the full engine, including all features, tools, and the entire C++ source code, for all platforms (PC, Mac, iOS and Android). The subscription also includes template games, sample assets, examples and more from the built-in Marketplace. The C++ code can be compiled in Microsoft Visual Studio or Apple Xcode, and is managed on GitHub.

Note that while Blueprint visual scripting is available, there is no UnrealScript, C# or JavaScript. This is the full C++ source, not UDK. However, this program is designed to replace the current UDK, as noted in the e-mail sent to all UDK developers:


  • You’re free to continue using UDK and releasing products as planned.
  • You can continue using the UDK forums with your existing login.
  • UE3 docs remain available on the archived Unreal Developer Network.
  • If you’re early in development or starting a new project, we recommend moving to UE4.


  • DirectX 11 rendering
  • Cascade VFX editor
  • Physically-based material shading
  • Blueprint Visual Scripting & Debugging
  • Content Browser
  • Persona animation toolset and Physics Asset editing tool
  • Matinee cinematic toolset
  • Terrain & Foliage
  • Post-Process Effects
  • Full Source Code Access
  • Simulate & Immersive Views
  • Instant Game Preview
  • Possess & Eject Features
  • Artificial intelligence system
  • Sound Cue Editor audio
  • Integration with more than a dozen industry-leading middleware technologies, including NVIDIA PhysX, Autodesk Gameware, Enlighten, Umbra, Oculus VR and more

Get It

To get started, visit www.unrealengine.com.

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