Divinity Engine Toolkit Now Available

The Divinity Engine, powering Divinity Original Sin

The Divinity Engine, powering Divinity Original Sin

With the release of Divinity: Original Sin, the Divinity Engine Toolkit is now available for those seeking to make their own objects, levels, and games based on the Divinity Engine!

Inspired in part by the open world of Ultima 7, Divinity: Original Sin is designed to allow players to enter a world where they can go anywhere, use anything, and become fully immersed in the game world. Although some features have not yet been included, such as Day-Night cycles and full NPC schedules, these are slated to be added in a future update.

The Divinity Engine Toolkit is included as a download with Divinity: Original Sin, and includes Cow Simulator 2014, which demonstrates the power of its mod and level creation.1

Get It

If you backed Divinity: Original Sin during its Kickstarter or on their website, make sure you log into the Larian Vault to get your Steam or GOG codes. Otherwise, you can purchase Divinity: Original Sin on Steam now (GOG coming soon), and then download the Divinity Engine Toolkit for free!

So… What Will You Create?

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