The Mad Hermit’s Footsteps Scene Designer Pro Version 2.0 Released

Footsteps Scene Designer Pro

Footsteps Scene Designer Pro

Yesterday, The Mad Hermit announced that the second version of his Footsteps Scene Designer Pro plugin is available in the Unity Asset Store.

The original version of Footsteps Scene Designer Pro was released last June. This new version has the following additional features:

New Features

  • Uses Unity’s First Person and Third Person Character Controller
  • Includes Third Person Advanced Footstep mode which utilizes animation events to more accurately generate sounds based on the character’s animation and foot placement
  • Have multiple terrains in a single scene? We support that too!
  • 2 additional demo scenes

The full User’s Guide is also available on The Mad Hermit’s website.

Finally, you can also try out the Demo on The Mad Hermit Gaming!

Get It!

Download it now on the Unity Asset Store. For more information, visit The Mad Hermit Gaming.

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