Modified Felucca and Trammel



Sanctimonia provided these modified versions of the moons, adding color and partially eliminating the shading around the edges for a flatter, more natural look.

These images are derived from their appearance in Ultima 9, during cutscenes. Some modifications were made, as the entirety of the moon’s surface was not onscreen at any one time.

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  1. Sanctimonia says:

    Hey, thanks for posting it properly. I’d like to reinforce that I didn’t process these originally, but downloaded them from the Lycaeum and processed them further. I’d love to know who actually took game assets and produced the original images I worked with. They did a good job.

    • That would be me, actually. I took screenshots from the cutscenes of Ultima 9 running at the highest resolution my computer at the time would handle, cut out the portions of the moons that were visible, and reconstructed them into full circles. There are a couple of edges that I’d still like to fix on the originals eventually, but they look fine in UDK. I apply the light filters in the engine, so that applies the red and blue color shift and makes the moons appear to shine. I also had a series of alpha textures that would transition through the phases. I need to get that up and running again with the latest build.

  2. Sanctimonia says:

    Nice. I was thinking about the phase transitions too, how to pull it off programmatically. The shading of the moon is caused by the position of the sun, moon and viewpoint (normal shadow). Additional shading is provided by any and all bodies that get between the sun and moon, with respect to viewpoint. And there are two moons. If IP-holder shows that accurately I give them serious props, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get there first. Muawhaaha–cough, uh-hum.

    Also I want to contribute the blood textures I made recently.

  3. What I am ending up having to do is have one alpha for each night of Felucca’s phase (14 images), and used 9 of those for Trammel as well. Actually, I have have ended up creating a couple phases in between, since they didn’t end up matching exactly. Anyway, I have a timer which increments each day (at noon), that I control the calendar, clock, and lunar phases with. At 6PM each game night, the timer is checked and applies whichever alpha is necessary for each moon. Everything is loaded in one map, which has the entire skydome, both moons, the sun, and hopefully the planets and stars (eventually), so its fairly easy to control. The main issue is setting the “start time” so you are in the correct month, day, and time, and everything is advanced correctly when the player spawns.

    After my last restore, I lost my star and planet work, and am back to the “fix the moons so they don’t break” phase. I think I have the images backed up online, but the code for them needs to be recreated. If I find the stamina to do it, I’ll at least be to where I can start working on plot stuff again.

    Whatever textures or models you want to contribute, find somewhere to post them (or e-mail them to me) and let me know, I’ll upload them and set up the download post for you.

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