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On the Shroud of the Avatar forums this morning, Portalarium developer Justin Gilbert (who goes by the handle oneandonly) released a Unity Multi-Shader for anyone who is working on assets to submit for the game.

The package contains a set of shaders that Portalarium uses internally for the majority of their materials, as well as some additional functionality like applying cutout, making materials double-sided, and applying vertex color. Documentation and an example is included in the package.

According to oneandonly, this is just the first in hopefully a series of developer tools that will be provided to the Shroud of the Avatar community.

Get It!

You can download the Multi-Shader package here:

The package requires Unity, which can be downloaded for free.


Thanks to Portalarium for providing such wonderful tools for the use of their community! If you are not currently a backer of Shroud of the Avatar, visit their website to get started!

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