New Britannia Runic Fonts (Updated)

Dame Lori has updated her gorgeous Runic Alphabet fonts with separator dots in place of periods. She posted this to the Forsaken Virtues site today:

As requested, my fonts now come with dot separators in place of periods, and are now in ttf format. If you already have the old fonts installed, these should overwrite them and you should see no difference except for the periods.

Included are A-Z (upper and lower are the same), numbers, and symbols !?,.-@

New Britannia Runic Fonts by Dame Lori

Sir Frank also created a “machine” style font, something that would be created with a machine or typesetter, given the technological aspects of the Oracle and the world. Frank has been kind enough to allow distribution of the font!

New Britannia Machine Runic Fonts by Sir Frank

Dame Lori runs Forsaken Virtues, the preeminent fansite for Shroud of the Avatar. The first version of her fonts can be found here. Sir Frank is a member of the College of Arms. Both are outspoken members of the Shroud of the Avatar community.

Browncoat Jayson

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