RenderDoc Debugger Update 0.19



On Friday, Crytek announced Version 0.19 of RenderDoc is available. RenderDoc was released just a few weeks ago, but they have already made many bug fixes and some improvements based on the initial feedback.

New Features

  • Added a ‘clear’ marker to the timeline bar to visualise where a texture is cleared in the frame.
  • Added an option to hide empty marker sections in the event browser and timeline bar.
  • Added a menu option to open the error log directly.
  • Include logged managed callstack in crash log.
  • Using a custom visualisation shader, the original and new values are displayed side by side in the status bar.
  • Added support for matrices in the raw buffer format specifier, as well as a few non-HLSL types.
  • Pick up buffer formats correctly in the pipeline state viewer.
  • Added the ability to queue up a specific frame number to capture.
  • Display a message when a frame fails to capture, and abandon the capture if 5 frames in a row fail.

Get It

RenderDoc can be downloaded for free from Crytek.

The CryEngine SDK can also be be downloaded for free for non-commercial use.

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