Pen of the Avatar 3D Texturing

Shroud of the Avatar

Shroud of the Avatar

In todays Pen of the Avatar, Portalarium’s 3D Guru Isaac Oster gives us a brief overview of how to do texturing for 3D models in Photoshop, as well as some additional modeling in Zbrush.

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Isaac goes over several of the different types of maps used on models, including diffuse (color), normal (detail), specular (shininess), fresnel (indirect reflection), ambient occlusion (default shadows), and cube maps (reflection). All while showing how to create a texture across several layers in Photoshop! As always, the community chimed in with some additional questions. The full video runs just shy of an hour.

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Here are the resources noted in the video:


Thanks to Isaac, and all of the developers at Portalarium for Pen of the Avatar, and their involvement with the SotA community!

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