The Mad Hermit releases Footsteps Scene Designer Pro for Unity

Footsteps Script in Footsteps Scene Designer Pro

Footsteps Script in Footsteps Scene Designer Pro

For those of you who follow Shroud of the Avatar, you will probably know of The Mad Hermit. He has been the subject of a Community Spotlight by Portalarium for his work on creating walkthrough videos (and a playable demo!) of the various homes available in Shroud of the Avatar.

Today, The Mad Hermit has released his first asset on the Unity Asset Store:

Footsteps Scene Designer Pro

With Footsteps Scene Designer Pro, you can replace the generic footfalls of the player, add audible footsteps to enemies, and enhance the audio quality of your games!


Footsteps Scene Designer Pro contains:

  • Quick setup, no coding required.
  • Works with indoor scenes, outdoor terrains and water plains.
  • Associate sounds to terrain textures, objects and water plains with simple tags.
  • Terrain Texture Sound Map Association enables you to set the sound pallet independently for each scene making multi-scene projects easier to manage and maintain.
  • Includes 55 sounds spanning 11 material types
    • Broken Glass
    • Concrete
    • Dirt
    • Grass
    • Gravel
    • Leaves
    • Puddle
    • Sand
    • Snow
    • Water
    • Wood
  • Three scripts with fully documented source code included so you can add additional sound types (beyond the 11 already included) to suit your needs.
  • Water entering, exiting and movement detection
  • Fully customizable from the editor puts you in control
    • Independently control the time interval between footsteps for both walking and running
    • Set the default footstep sound for undefined areas
    • Use a combination of pre-loaded and custom sounds for the various sound types
  • Extensive documentation to help you get setup quick!
  • Includes 2 demo scenes

Take a Deeper Look

There are a couple of advanced videos available as well, describing how to configure Footsteps Scene Designer Pro, and taking a look at the demo scene.

The full User’s Guide is also available on The Mad Hermit’s website.

Finally, you can also try out the Demo on The Mad Hermit Gaming!


Sound is always important. It can make or break the medium, whether its a movie or a game. As a challenge, turn off the sound when you watch your favorite movie; chances are, you will still imagine the score and effects even when you can’t actually witness them. Footfalls are an important ambient cue, especially in gaming; from Thief, where you had to work hard to hide the sounds of your steps to avoid the ever-wary guards, to Skyrim’s shuffling spiders, these are tailor made to draw you into the world and alert you to changes around you. The Mad Hermit allows you to do the same in your own Unity creations.

Get It!

Download it now on the Unity Asset Store. For more information, visit The Mad Hermit Gaming.

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