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Today, Unity Technologies announced a change to the way they release builds.

“Previously all bug fixes have been rolled into publicly released updates of the editor, shipped and published by the R&D developer team. As the complexity of the product and the organization grows, it gets increasingly difficult to maintain all these in one place. This has meant that bug fixes have taken longer and longer to get into the hands of our customers.”

Previously, changes to the engine had to in be made in the next release, which has timely testing, followed by alpha and beta cycles, before finally being released. With this change, smaller changes can be made and built into a “patch” which will then be available to download for users affected by that issue.

“Customers affected by annoying bugs should see these problems resolved much more quickly.”

Unity Release 4.3.7p1

The first patch has also been released, which updates Unity 4.3.7 with the following fixes:

  • The swatches in the Color Picker tool are now gamma corrected when using linear colour space
  • Fixed an issue where the physics material assigned to a terrain object was not saved
  • Fixed a hang on quit issue
  • Fixed an issue where by editor froze when trying to quit it after importing a Maya file

The release notes and download link for this patch can be found on the Unity Forum.

Learn More

Read the full announcement on the Unity Blog, which contains details of how the patches will be released and their numbering structure. The Patch Release forum topic also contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions and links to available patches.

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  1. The last public release I saw announced was 4.3.4 back in January. While a lot of news has come out since then, I can’t find a list of changes in any version prior to this patch for 4.3.7.

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