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Unity Engine

Unity has recently announced an Indie-friendly subscription model to obtain Unity Pro! Rather than the $1,500 purchase for a license of the game development platform, the cost is $75 per month, per license. Furthermore, if a new version is released during your subscription, you receive the new platform for no additional charge.

This subscription plan is only available for a limited time. The offer is currently scheduled to run through July 31st.

If you have been wanting the power of Unity Pro but were daunted by the price tag, consider subscribing instead. Full details can be found in the Unity Store.

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2 Responses

  1. Sslaxx says:

    So. That gives indie game developers 20 months to develop their titles before the subscription model starts to out-price the flat fee. Not massively attractive.

    • Well, you can do the majority of the development in the free version of Unity. So Indie developers have 20 months to make whatever changes are necessary to utilize the Pro model (for example, dynamically loading maps) before the pricing is no longer effective. If it is a game that has already been in development, this is a great opportunity.

      It is definitely not for everyone, tho. I’m hoping that they will extend this after this initial offering. There’s no way I could get what I need into the basic version by July.

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