Unity Test Tools Now Available

Unity Technologies announced today that new test tools are available in the Unity Asset Store. These tools were originally developed for Unity’s internal Quality Assurance, and have proven their worth time and again.

The Unity Test Tools include frameworks and test rigs to automate unit and integration testing, monitor components for assertions, and provide metrics. More spectacular than just the initial release, however, is the message for the future of the tool:

Releasing the tools is just the beginning for us. We will be committed to release tutorials and patterns which will help you structure your projects such that they are testable. We will also continue improving on the tools and increase integration into Unity, all with the aim of making it easy for you to start testing your projects.

That is great news for those who do not have a large user base to test with, or would like to get some key component testing before moving into a formal alpha!

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If you are interested in what testing should be performed for a independent developer, I invite you to read my take on testing requirements. Feel free to leave feedback about your experiences!

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Unity Test Tools can be downloaded for free from the Unity Asset Store.

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