Very Light Vegetation Footsteps (Updated)

Sound Effects

Sound Effects

Kevin Fishburne has released another public domain sound effect set, this time a series of footstep sounds moving through very thinly wooded terrain.

[wpdm_file id=374]

As he noted on the previous releases: These are recorded and edited by Santimonia and have been released to the public domain, and may be used for any purpose, including commercial, without restriction.

Sanctimonia is an open source massively multiplayer online role playing game in the spirit of Ultima.

The First Age of Update: Per his request in the comments, the above package has been updated with new sound effects 3 & 8 to better match the timbre of the other effects in the set. Because the originals were already released, and may be of use to some projects, they are available in the package below. Thanks Kevin!

[wpdm_file id=396]

Browncoat Jayson

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5 Responses

  1. Sanctimonia says:

    I noticed in-game that the timbre of a couple of effects from the footstep_vegetation1 set were significantly and recognizably different than the other six to the point where subconscious pattern recognition broke suspension of disbelief. Specifically footstep_vegetation1_3.wav and footstep_vegetation1_8.wav were offending. I have replaced these with new recordings which (at least for me) do not cause immediate pattern recognition.

    I have replaced the old samples with the new, so they may be found here with the same names as before:

    Please update the archive with the two new replacements. I apologize for the mistake, and thank you very much Browncoat Jayson for posting my effects here.

    For the protection of we devs against the evil lawyers of the future I have the make the following statement: The two replacement effects (footstep_vegetation1_3.wav and footstep_vegetation1_8.wav) are also public domain as I just created them and am declaring them as such.

    • I’ve updated the original package with the replacements. I’ve also made a new package for the two original sound effects, since they are out “in the wild” and may still be of use to some projects.

      • Sanctimonia says:

        Awesome, thanks. I’m going to try for the three sand effects tonight (wet, dry and dune) and maybe the bedrock effect. I’m also going to create a separate “shell pop” set which can be mixed with the sand effects in the same way the twig snap effects can be mixed with the vegetation effects. A shame I’ll have to break some of my shells in my collection, but at least they’ll die for a worthy cause.

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