Automatic Grid Snap Script (Alternative)

This C# Unity script was provided by Portalarium as an alternative to the one included with the Unity Dungeon Pack assets for Shroud of the Avatar. It allows meshes to be snapped to specific points for alignment and tiling.

AutoGridSnap Script

AutoGridSnap Script

Portalarium’s “Dungeon Master” Bill Kirkman released an alternative version of the script included with the Dungeon Kit assets. He mentioned that some of the rotations may get a little off, especially when multiple objects are selected.

To use the script, simply download and extract the file below. In Unity, click Assets -> Import New Asset, select AutoGridSnap.cs and click Import. You can press Ctrl+L to display the Auto-Snap window, but unlike the original script, the window does not need to remain open to snap objects while moving and rotating. The ideal specifications for Shroud of the Avatar are X=8, Y=5, Z=8, and 90-degree rotate.

The Mad Hermit, a Shroud of the Avatar backer, put together this instructional video on how to use the script.

You can download the script below, and freely distribute it.

Thanks to Portalarium for developing the script, and for allowing us to share it!

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