Unity 4.3 Now Available

Unity Technologies Releases Unity 4.3

Unity 4.3

Unity 4.3 is now available! This new version of Unity includes a full 2D engine and streamlined workflow for creating 2D games. Unity is not only the choice for 3D games, but now 2D platformers as well!

Take a look at this list of new features of the Unity engine in 4.3.

Windows Apps

  • JavaScript and Boo compatibility for Windows Store apps
  • Trial API support (try-before-you-buy apps)
  • Windows 8.1 and Visual Studio 2013 support
  • Location services and compass support
  • Dial and show notification support
  • Cloth simulation support

2D Game Development

  • Automatic sprite splicing
  • 2D animation
  • Generate animation from sprites
  • 2D physics engine (including rigidbodies, joints and colliders)
  • Atlas generation (Pro; texture optimization)
  • Alpha cutout (Pro; fillrate optimization)


  • Full animation of events in Mecanim
  • Keyframe-based animation of sprites
  • Blend shapes for facial animation
  • Animate light intensity
  • Runtime script control for StateMachines
  • Runtime optimiations


  • Includes latest MonoDevelop version (4.0.1)
  • New interface
  • New completion and refactoring engine
  • Many bug fixes!


  • Obstacle carving (set Navmesh at runtime)
  • Dynamic navigation (via offmeshlinks)

Version Control

  • Integrated support for Plastic SCM
  • Free “Community Edition” for up to 15 users!

These are only a portion of the huge number of additions and modifications to the Unity engine. See the full release notes for details on the hundreds of changes in Unity 4.3.

Go get it!

Unity 4.3 is available at Unity3D.com.

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