Exult 1.5


As already reported on the Ultima Codex, one of the longest lasting and most troublesome bugs from Ultima VII: The Black Gate may have just been resolved!

This is important not only in that Ultima VII and it’s sequel can be played on modern hardware, in higher resolutions, and with fewer game-stopping bugs than before, but because Exult itself is perhaps one of the best engines to use for a new Ultima game. With this bug (potentially) squashed, there are very few reasons not to choose Exult as your go-to engine for an isometric overhead, tile-based game, complete with deep scripting capabilities. Great job, guys!

The Exult 1.5 snapshots available for Windows and Apple’s OS X at both the Exult download page and the project entry at the Ultima Codex. The Exult team is asking that anyone who has the time and interest to re-play Ultima 7 do so using the latest Exult snapshot. Watch for the disappearing items bug, and let them know if you encounter it… or, in turn, if you don’t.

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  1. I downloaded this snapshot last night, and installed a fresh copy of the Complete U7 from GOG. I’ve only encountered this bug once, but its worth another playthough.

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