Moons of Britannia

The Moons of Britannia

Textures for Britannia’s moons, Trammel and Felucca. Also included are normal maps, which can be used to help render the moons in 3D.

Trammel has an orbit of just over 9 days, meaning it completes three full rotations each month. In-game, Trammel shone with a slightly reddish tint. Felucca, the smaller moon, has an orbit of 14 days, meaning it completes two full rotations each month.

The phase of Trammel determines the destination of a blue moongate from dusk until midnight, while Felucca’s phase determines the destination after midnight.

These textures are derived from their appearance in Ultima 9, during cutscenes. Some modifications were made, as the entirety of either moons’ surface was not onscreen at any one time.

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