Fauna Sound Effects I

Sound Effects

Sound Effects

As noted in the last Random Wednesdays, Kevin Fishburne has begun releasing fauna sound effects.

Here’s some sound effects in case you missed my tweet and are developing a game requiring these in particular:


These are my first attempts, so please be patient for the forthcoming full effect sets. All effects have been cropped, faded in and out, and EQ’d when necessary. When I get a laptop the recordings will quickly get unfathomably awesome, so I’ll let you know when that happens.

The associated tweet reads:

Here is the first set of sound effects in an easy-to-download package:

As mentioned on the previous releases: These are recorded and edited by Santimonia and have been released to the public domain, and may be used for any purpose, including commercial, without restriction.

Sanctimonia is an open source massively multiplayer online role playing game in the spirit of Ultima.

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