Shroud of the Avatar Fansite Kit

Shroud of the Avatar

Shroud of the Avatar

Portalarium has released a kit, containing various pieces of concept art and other assets that you can use to create your own Shroud of the Avatar fansite, or to spruce up an extant one.

What’s more, they’ve graciously allowed the Ultima Codex to take the lead in releasing the kit publicly:

[wpdm_file id=409]

Here’s a summary of the kit’s contents:

  • Background images for the header, footer, and main content area of your site
  • A full background image for a site, featuring the Fallen Keep
  • A copy of the map of New Britannia
  • The Shroud of the Avatar crest, in both the “painted on stone” and “etched in stone” motifs
  • Fighter character class concept art
  • Environmental concept art
  • The Shroud of the Avatar splash screen graphic
  • A tall, cropped piece of the map with a strong colour cast

Feel free to grab a copy above and have a go at putting some Forsaken Virtues flair on your own site!

Browncoat Jayson

Join me in New Britannia!

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