Currently, I’ve got a handful of categories in place on the site, although they won’t be enough to handle all of the content that I am hoping will be added to the site in the months to come. At present, there is a single Downloads category subdivided into four separate sections: 2D Assets, 3D Assets, Textures, and Music. At present, no category exists for code snippets or scripting, nor are there any categories in place for assets for specific games (e.g. Skrit for Dungeon Siege, hak paks for Neverwinter Nights, etc.).

So…I need some help figuring out a good categorization scheme. I’m thinking I might need to break the Downloads category up into different categories, creating multiple dropdown menus across the top of the site.

To take an example, let’s suppose that I made 3D Assets a top-level category…possible sub-categories could be Blender Models, Cinema 4D Models, Lightwave Objects and Scenes, and 3D Studio Models (among others). In like manner, a Music top-level category could subdivide along file format lines (MP3, WAV, OGG) or along music usage lines (Combat, Wilderness, TownsStones Remixes, and suchlike).

Feel free to chip in ideas in the comments, as I am sure that those of you who are interested in submitting content probably have a better idea than I do as to how it might work best to categorize the materials you want to offer to the community.

WtF Dragon

I currently live in (near) Edmonton, Canada, and I daylight as a SCADA Analyst at Inter Pipeline Ltd. I’m a husband, a father to three busy little girls, and a devout Catholic. I also volunteer as a leader with the 59th Edmonton Scout Group, having previously been a member for over 20 years.

Outside of those things, I run a busy fan community website, play games when I can, and try to build games using both the Unity and Stencyl engines.

And sometimes, if so moved, I write about things. Whether that’s a promise or fair warning is left, as an exercise, for the reader to decide.

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  1. Browncoat Jayson says:

    As long as we can tag the posts with the type of item it is fine. So if I post a model, I can tag it with “Blender” or “3D Studio Max”, and if I post a map I’d use “Unreal Development Kit”.

    As far as new categories, Models for 2D avatars and 3D models (maybe make Textures as sub of that), Snippits for code, and Packages for things like levels, add-on files, and asset packs. That should take care of the big stuff.

  2. Iceblade says:

    Yeah, definitely need a category for Code (more general/miscellaneous code) and a category for engine-specific scripting files (for example, a scripting system file for NWN2 for Ultima Moongates where all a developer would to need to add are the moonstone locations on the map).

  1. August 11, 2011

    […] I’ve just put a new post up at The Digital Lycaeum, asking for help figuring out an effective categorization scheme for the site. […]

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