Goldenflame’s Headcanon: The First/Titans

By Goldenflame Dragon

This is the third post in my series of ideas for the Ultima universe that were going to be true in the fictions I no longer plan to write.

In the time before Sosaria another race lived in that land. Could call them Precursors, except that term is very scifi (and in my opinion, overused); in my notes I call them the Titans, though this causes some confusion with the elemental titans. Maybe I should call them the First. I dunno.

They became supremely powerful and their world was a paradise. They crafted a number of powerful artifacts, foci for various powers, and the greatest of these was a massive Tome, containing all wisdom. But all this ended when the Fire Nation, I mean the Daemons, attacked.

The Titans eventually won that war, and crafted the binding that I described in the Daemons section. But to win had required terrible sacrifices. And then there was this power here, untapped- and so some Titans began to learn the art of summoning the Daemons. And they, being daemons begin to corrupt some of the Titans until they are no longer all Good, and the world is no longer idyllic.

Civil war eventually erupts among the Titans. The darker ones, backed by daemonic power, drive back the good ones. But then a madman makes a new connection- it encounters a manifestation of Xorinia, which carelessly trades it the Armageddon spell. Some Titans have warning, but most don’t- those warned are able to flee the world entirely, escaping into the Ethereal Void. There they became world ravagers and pillagers, inspired I will confess by the Valheru from Feist’s Riftwar books; meanwhile on Sosaria Armageddon was cast. Xorinia lost contact with that dimension for ages, and eventually humanity (and elves, dwarves, and bobbits, if you like) developed and in time Ultima I occurred.

Sosaria was fortunate- the first Titan to return to it after the destruction called itself the Time Lord. He laid claim to it and set about protecting it from his brethren. His protections were breached by Carh-Endel, the Psyche connected to the entity called Exodus– in this case, the Time Lord directly aided the Stranger in severing that connection. The Guardian is implied by my story to be relatively young, and so probably was not born on old Sosaria, but some of the Titans probably remember their homeland. Eventually, the Time Lord and the Guardian directly fought over Britannia, and, after a long campaign, the Time Lord was worn down and the Guardian finally claimed it. (This is all described in my very short story Guardian: Ascension.)

And thus, finally, was able to try to reclaim the Titan artifacts. More on those next time, and the Time Lord’s defenses.

And yes, this means that the bones of Zog are actually basically the Guardian’s uncle. 🙂

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