Goldenflame’s Headcanon: Gargoyles and Daemons

By Goldenflame Dragon

This is the second post in my series of ideas for the Ultima universe that were going to be true in the fictions I no longer plan to write.

So, long long before the Ages of Darkness, a race lived on what was later called Sosaria. Detail about them will wait for a future post- all I’ll say now is that they’re the ones who cast Armageddon and are where the “bones of Zog” came from- but what is important now is that they came into conflict with the Daemons.

Whether the daemons were always there or invaded scarcely matters. They fought and in the end they lost. Powerful magicians sealed them away in a hell from which they could emerge only when summoned or under special circumstances.

This much is pretty close to canon from things Arcadian says in Forge of Virtue. What I added for my story is something of the nature of the seal. It was bound to the evil and wickedness of the daemons- so long as they were evil, the seal would bind them in hell unless they were summoned. (A crack was formed by the great pride of Magincia, allowing Virtuebane and the horde at the shrine through- I hadn’t entirely figured that part out, honestly.)

As time went on, one daemon meditated on virtue and renounced their evil ways. His name was Draxinusom. He stayed in the daemons’ hell for some time, at risk of his life, and preached virtue, and in time, he had a larger group of daemons who were capable of departing through the seal. They did so, leaving behind hell and the word ‘daemon’, and so they became known as the Gargoyles.

Thus, yes, gargoyles and daemons are the same, and yet, they really aren’t. They probably lived in hidden places in Sosaria until the post-U1 cataclysm, at which point they claimed all that remained of whichever land wound up opposite Britannia as a home. Sometime in all that time Drax, still seeking virtue, found a way to access the Codex. His virtues probably predate Britannia’s, but weren’t as powerful/empowering, for reasons that will have to wait for a future installment of Goldenflame rambles for a while. 🙂

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