Heightmap of Britannia


Self-described cartography geek Mark Mitchell undertook to make this heightmap of Britannia “before,” as he describes it, “the sheer amount of work necessary to make a high-detail heightmap crushed [his] spirit”.

It’s a grand (and large) work, suitable for use as the source for a heightmap in a 3D engine…or as a piece of in-game art, for that matter.

WtF Dragon

I currently live in (near) Edmonton, Canada, and I daylight as a SCADA Analyst at Inter Pipeline Ltd. I'm a husband, a father to three busy little girls, and a devout Catholic. I also volunteer as a leader with the 59th Edmonton Scout Group, having previously been a member for over 20 years. Outside of those things, I run a busy fan community website, play games when I can, and try to build games using both the Unity and Stencyl engines. And sometimes, if so moved, I write about things. Whether that's a promise or fair warning is left, as an exercise, for the reader to decide.

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9 Responses

  1. Sslaxx says:

    Based off Ultima IV?

    • Browncoat Jayson says:

      Based on Ultima V, I believe. The download also contains an image depicting the tectonic activity that helps make the map work using real-life physics, and is labeled for Ultima V.

  2. James Kidd says:


    Programatically generated height-map of ultima online, i created a few years back. Sort of works, mountain areas are very hit and miss, and it needs some more filtering to clean up holes in the map, but PoC worked.

  3. Tiago says:

    Hi, nice job with the heightmap, can I use it for commercial purposes?

    • WtF Dragon says:

      Only if you’re an EA developer (or developer at a studio which has licensed the Ultima IP from EA) intending to use the heightmap as e.g. the template for the world for a new Ultima game.

      Otherwise, you are free to use the heightmap for non-commercial projects.

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