Shade 3D for Unity


Back in December, Crytek partner DeNA Co. released Shade 13 Professional. This version added collaboration with the CryENGINE, to speed the creation of high-quality assets. The professional version added several new and improved features, including:

  • shade replicators
  • skin and bone joints
  • weight painting
  • physical sky
  • smart sample irradiance
  • vertex and edge beveling

And more. However, what I originally missed was bigger news for those using Unity for fan projects.

A free version of the software, Shade 3D for Unity, was also released by Mirye Software. This includes a subset of the tools in Professional version, to allow users of Unity to create 3D models for game development! The version released in December was only available for Mac OS X, but has subsequently been released for Windows.

Go get it!

Shade 3D for Windows can be downloaded from the Mirye Store, and the Mac version is available on the Mac App Store.

Be sure to visit the Shade 3D for Unity website for tutorials and content.

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