Joviex’s Transactional Analysis Tool

Joviex's Transactional Analysis Tool

Joviex’s Transactional Analysis Tool

Shroud of the Avatar backer Joviex provided this C# Unity script, which is in turn based on Portalarium’s Game Object Replace Tool.

In addition to its original features, he has added a few additional options, distribution modes, and an updated replacement system to allow multiple objects (or none at all for pure distribution).

To use the script, simply download and extract the file below. In Unity, click Assets -> Import New Asset, select Joviex_TATool.cs and click Import. Alternatively, you can simply place the script file in the Assets->Editor folder of your current project.

Joviex mentioned that he would still like to add some “project from ground” features, optimize the code, and add distribution area constraints, but lacks the time do add these currently. If anyone would like to update the tool and provide those types of features to the community, we appreciate it!

Thanks to Joviex for allowing us to share the script!

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