Shroud of the Avatar Reaches Player Modification Stretch Goal

For those following the Shroud of the Avatar website, you may have noticed that the campaign passed the $2,250,000 mark over the weekend, likely due to players rushing to beat the 12:00 CST deadline today in order to keep the Kickstarter prices. The same reward tiers will be remain available, but at a slight increase in price, and without the prestige attached to early backers.

You may remember the Kickstarter campaign featured a set of “Stretch Goals”. The $2.25M goal included a set of modification tools for players:


Since Portalarium announced that all Kickstarter rewards and goals were in effect through today’s cutoff, that means we can look forward to even more player-developed content!

Player Crowd Sourcing/Sharing

Shroud of the Avatar is being developed with Unity, and early on it was announced that players would have the opportunity to help build the world of New Britannia. For all backers at the Developer level or higher, Portalarium will be releasing a Unity content pack at least one a month. These Unity content packs will contain a number of game assets which can be used in your own creations, free of charge, including in commercial work! (The only requirement is that Portalarium must be named in the credits of the project.)

Portalarium will also be taking submissions from fan developers of assets to be used in the game! Not only will they pay you for your creation, but you will retain the rights to your assets and can subsequently sell them on the Unity Store! This is a huge incentive for everyone who has the skills to create high-quality assets and make their mark on the game.

Modification Tools

The $2.25M stretch goal paves the way for a full set of modification tools for the Shroud of the Avatar game. Not only will asset creation be available for submission directly to Portalarium, but players can customize their own experience by directly adding and modifying the game! While the offline game has the potential to receive huge amounts of customization, and possibly even be used for total conversion, the online game will also allow users to tailor their game via modifications.

New You Customization

Morph targets provide a huge opportunity for the game, both in character creation and in the modding community. Players and NPCs will no longer be limited to a pre-set number of configurations, but each can be molded using scripting and rigging to create unique and individual characters.

Last Chance to get Kickstarter Pricing
If you havn’t pledged to Shroud of the Avatar yet, you still have a small window of opportunity left! Click the button below to get started!


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