Pen of the Avatar 3DS Max Modeling

Shroud of the Avatar

Shroud of the Avatar

On today’s Pen of the Avatar Geoff Mellon, one of the primary character creation artists at Portalarium, give us a overview of how to do modelling in 3D Studio Max while taking questions from the community.

Of special interest is that Portalarium, as part of the crowdsourcing initiative, is actually improving models that they purchased from the Unity store and releasing the updates to the original artist so they can sell the new version (with the only stipulation being a “as seen in Shroud of the Avatar” tag). Very generous!

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Here are the resources noted in the video:


Thanks to Geoff, Gina, and all of the developers at Portalarium for Pen of the Avatar, and their involvement with the SotA community!

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  1. Stile Teckel says:

    Personally I believe Shroud of the Avatar is going to be the game to get into. For those that haven’t heard about it its being Created by Richard Garriott (Lord British), Starr Long (Lord Blackthorn), and the lead story writer is Tracy Hickman. There are other Dev’s on the team that have worked with ultimas in the past or that worked on Ultima Online (Lum the Mad for instance) and its being hailed as the spiritual successor to Ultima Online. Go check it out at and hey, if you sign up, when it asks you who referred you do me a solid and use user id#147 as your referral.

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