$10,000 Challenge of the Avatar

Shroud of the Avatar

$10,000 Challenge of the Avatar

In the latest Kickstarter Update, Portalarium announced a Unity challenge that can net fan developers some excellent prizes!

This was first hinted at in Chris Spear’s first Unity Tutorial video, and appears to have really taken shape into something great! This harkens back to challenges like the Make Something Unreal contest that Epic runs annually, although with a Portalarium (and Iron Chef) twist.

Here’s the pertinent portion of the newsletter:

The $10,000 Challenge of the Avatar: 48-Hour Scene Creation Jam!

We are also excited to announce our first Challenge of the Avatar: 48-hour Scene Creation Jam! With over $10,000 in rewards! We’re still working out the exact details, but the challenge will work something like this:

  • At 6PM CST on a Friday we will announce the details of the challenge for the weekend. We will post a link to a YouTube video and documents revealing the details of the challenge. Think Iron Chef meets game scene creation!
  • You will have until 6PM CST on Sunday to start uploading your completed scene!

There will be 4 challenges on every other weekend starting September 6th and going through October 18th. The Friday after each challenge we will reveal the scenes we have chosen. On October 25th, we will select the overall best scene created during any of the 4 weekend challenges.

The list of rewards will likely keep growing as we attract more sponsors but for now here is what you can receive:

Weekly Rewards

  • Shroud of the Avatar KNIGHT Level Pledge ($800 value! Can be divided into smaller pledge tiers for multi-person teams)
  • Shroud of the Avatar T-Shirt

Grand Reward

  • Shroud of the Avatar DUKE Level Pledge ($5300 value! Can be divided into smaller pledge tiers for multi-person teams)
  • Unity Pro 4 license!! ($1500 value!)
  • UnityVS license!! ($249 value!)
  • Occulus Rift Dev Kit! ($300 value)
  • Shroud of the Avatar T-shirt signed by the dev team

Dates, details, and rewards are subject to change

This is part of the ongoing crowdsourcing-crowdsharing initiative for Shroud of the Avatar.

Yes, this is a way to not only win yourself (and your team) better in-game rewards for SotA, but to make your fan project better by snagging a license of Unity Pro, UnityVS for Visual Studio, and an Occulus Rift Development Kit!

Get Started

First, make sure you have the latest free Unity 4 downloaded and installed. Then, just let your creative juices flow and watch the Shroud of the Avatar for more news!

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