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Shroud of the Avatar

Shroud of the Avatar

On Hangout of the Avatar today, Chris Spears gave us the first of a series of tutorials on using Unity. Chris is the Technical Director on Shroud of the Avatar with Portalarium, and in addition to the great tutorial he also gave us a couple of announcements.

  • Portalarium will be hosting 48-hour “Iron Chef” Unity Scene competitions. These will consist of the developers giving the community a “theme”, and accept submissions of scenes based on that theme during the contest window. The winners will receive prizes in the thousands of dollar ranges, including Unity Pro licenses, Oculus Rift devices, and SotA swag.
  • A second Dungeon Kit has been released, featuring props for use alongside the first Dungeon Kit.
  • A third Kit featuring caves and caverns will be coming to Developer+ backers soon.
  • The Auto-Snap script is available to anyone, not just Developer+ backers.

Watch the Tutorial!

Chris introduces the basics of using Unity, with some additional questions from the community. The full video runs about one hour.

Find Out More

Here are the Unity resources Chris suggested in the video:

Chris also mentioned his eight-minute “How To” video that was released with the first Dungeon Kit. You can view that video here.

Along with Dungeon Kit 01, Chris recommended watching this Unity tutorial video, Part 1 and Part 2. Portalarium’s “Dungeon Master” Bill Kirkman put together this Google Docs guide that provides tips for planning your dungeon layout and scene editing, as well as a “Unity Editor How To Mini-Guide”.


Thanks to Chris Spears and all of the developers at Portalarium for this great introduction to Unity!

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