Shroud of the Avatar Dungeon Kit 03 – Caverns and Caves

Shroud of the Avatar

Shroud of the Avatar

The third asset pack for Developer-tier or higher backers of Shroud of the Avatar is now available. This package contains Cave and Cavern pre-made dungeon rooms and objects, some of which can connect with the previous Dungeon Kit 01.


Dungeon Kit 03 – Shroud of the Avatar contains:

  • 171 pre-made dungeon rooms and objects
  • High-quality tile-repeating textures
  • Door animation and sound
  • “Snapping” script to easily arrange objects
  • Free for Developer+ level backers

Note: For those still working on Dungeon kit scenes using the original Dungeon Kit 01, adding these assets will flip your pieces on their side. This is because there was an adjustment to the way the previous kits were made. A script to correct these pieces is also available in the Developers+ forums.

The content originally provided in Dungeon Kit 01 is included in this kit, and was modified to use the new adjustment method. Additionally, a new package of Crowdshared art assets is available to Developer+ backers, which includes torches and other objects for use in both Dungeon Kits.

Get It

If you pledged at Developer level or higher, you can visit the Shroud of the Avatar Developer+ Depot to immediately download the latest Dungeon Kit.

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    […] to select any object and replace it with another object, without breaking connections. Using a Dungeon Kit, for example, one could decide to swap all square room corners with rounded ones by selecting the […]

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