Unity Pro Extended Trial Available via Hearth of the Avatar


Unity Engine

Unity Technologies, in addition to offering two full licenses of Unity Pro (one including an addon!) as a prize for the Telethon of the Avatar, are also offering to provide an extended trial to anyone who asks for one or a 20% off coupon for a Unity Store purchase, with the catch that he request must come from the Hearth of Britannia!

If you are interested in a 90-day extended trial of Unity Pro (over the 30-day standard trial), which is perfect for creating assets for Shroud of the Avatar, or 20% off your next Unity Store purchase, simply e-mail a request to Rustic Dragon at the Hearth of Britannia.

As far as the Unity Pro license prizes, these is available to the first person who donates at the $1,600 tier and $3,700 tier during the Telethon of the Avatar.

Thanks to Unity, and the Hearth of Britannia, for these awesome options!

Update: Both Unity Pro licenses have been won! Congratulations!

Browncoat Jayson

Join me in New Britannia!

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