Shroud of the Avatar Public Dungeon Kit 01

Shroud of the Avatar

Shroud of the Avatar

If you have been watching the Shroud of the Avatar forums, you might have noticed that last weekend over 40 players contributed scenes to the first Challenge of the Avatar Scene Jam. The submissions were all excellent, but many involved clamored for more assets to use in populating the world. This was especially difficult for those who were not Developer+ level backers, as the assets made for SotA were currently restricted to that crowd.

That is no longer the case. A public version of the Dungeons asset pack is now available! This package contains a subset of the Developer+ Dungeon Kit 01, with pre-made dungeon rooms and objects.

Note that the license granted for using this package is NOT the same as that provided to Developer+. While backers at that level can use released assets in their own games, the public kit is licensed for non-commercial use, mostly to assist players in developing scenes for SotA.


Public Dungeon Kit 01 – Shroud of the Avatar contains:

  • ### pre-made dungeon rooms and objects
  • High-quality tile-repeating textures
  • Door animation and sound
  • “Snapping” script to easily arrange objects

More Resources

“Dungeonmaster” Bill Kirkman has also posted a number of resources for players to use in creating scenes using these assets!

For more information, check out the Scene Creation Central topic on the SotA forums Developer Depot.

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  1. This article was supposed to have been published September 25, 2013, but was still lurking in my drafts. Sorry! It isn’t current, but I thought it would be better to have it posted nine months late than missing from the archives.

  2. Adam G. says:

    Interesting. I may try my hand at making something with this.

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