Challenge of the Avatar: 48-Hour Unity Scene Jam

As previously reported, the Challenge of the Avatar starts tomorrow night as 6:00 P.M. Central. Potential developers have 48 hours to develop a scene in Unity that will be judged by Lord British and company:

Scenes will be judged by Richard and the team based on quality, creativity, how closely it matches the announced challenge, and how closely it resembles something that would feel right at home in Shroud of the Avatar!

Full rules can be found on the Shroud of the Avatar website.

Shroud of the Avatar Developer Assets

So you want to participate in the Scene Jam, but you arn’t a Developer+ backer? Well, the guys at Portalarium are working to get the Dungeon Kits into the Unity Store soon! You can purchase the package and have access to the same high-quality objects, textures, and scripts that the Developer+ backers have been using for the last couple of months.

Check out what these contain:

Interested? I thought you were. Watch for the Shroud of the Avatar kits in the Unity Store!

Free Assets

What, you don’t want to buy assets? Don’t worry, you can still participate! Portalarium is also releasing a Public Kit, containing a small subset of the Dungeon Kit assets, and made the Unity How-To Guide and Tips and Tricks Document that were previously Dev+ only available to everyone! This kit will be available a few hours prior to the start of the Scene Jam, and are released with a limited use license (not the full use license from the Unity Store).

Watch for the Public Kit and the docs on the forums!

Still need more assets? Check out the free objects, scripts, and textures available on the Unity Asset Store, or on other Internet-based developer repositories such as CG Textures, TurboSquid, and Mixamo.

Get to Work!

Remember, there are $10,000 worth of prizes available for the Challenge of the Avatar! Good luck!

Browncoat Jayson

Join me in New Britannia!

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