Unity 4.1.2 Improves Social Media Integration

Unity Engine

On March 26, 2013, Unity and Facebook announced a collaboration to release Unity 4.1.2, which includes improvements to the social platform with the Unity Web Player. Unity has built a new social network API in the Web Player, which enabled Facebook to improve the “full screen” and “full canvas” experience by eliminating the need to leave full screen in order to access social interaction. This also improves the developer’s ability to tighly integrate with Facebook’s social graph.

David Helgason, CEO of Unity Technologies, has this to say of the improvement:

The experience of playing a Unity game in Facebook is vastly improved in Unity 4, and working with Facebook makes it even better. We are already seeing an amazing crop of quality games coming to Facebook, and can’t wait to see how developers make use of this new opportunity.

This comes soon after the release of Unity 4.1, which included a rework of the Memory Profiler, new shaders, Apple AirPlay support, and updates to the Macanim Animation system.

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