Unreal Engine News – Summer 2014

Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4

Over the last couple of months, Epic has been hard at work on their Unreal gaming engine.

Unfortunately, I havn’t been able to keep up with the news, so this post contains several pieces of news.

Unreal Engine 4.1.2

A hotfix for Unreal Engine 4.1 has been released.


– Fix crash when loading certain blueprints
– Fix corrupted map in StrategyGame causing a crash on 4.1.2 launch

Unreal Engine 4.2.1

A hotfix for Unreal Engine 4.2 has also been released.


– Fixed texture streaming for static meshes with multiple LODs when exceeding the default 1gb texture pool.
– Fixed Paper2D flipbook components and tile map actors not rendering, sprite color not taking effect.
– [XB1] Fixed particles rendering as black when bounds were zero.
– Fixed OnSuccess and OnFail outputs not triggering for AI Move To blueprint node.
– Prevent triggers blocking projectiles in first-person template.
– [iOS] Some projects would fail to launch on device.
– [PS4] Packaging in shipping would not create executable.
– [Mac] Added Subversion binaries to default install.

Unreal Engine 4 on Android TV

Unreal Engine 4 PayPal subscription

Developers taking advantage of the $19/month subscription to the Unreal Engine can now use PayPal.

Unreal Engine 4 SpeedTree

SpeedTree, which allows easy placement and rendering of high-quality foliage, is now available for Unreal Engine 4. Additional integration is available in 4.3.

Coherent UI

The popular Coherent UI is releasing version 2.0, which is updated to work with Unreal Engine 4.2, and includes full Blueprint support.

Web UI Framework

Houdini Plug-in

Houdini provides large-scale rendering of models, but traditionally is difficult to implement in game engines. A plug-in for Maya, 3ds Max, and the Unreal Engine may provide a better pipeline for this tool.

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