Unreal Tournament 4 Announced

Unreal Tournament

Unreal Tournament

Free, Community Developed

Epic Games announced today on Twitch.tv that Unreal Tournament lives!

The new Unreal Tournament 4, based on Unreal Engine 4, will be free to everyone. Free download, free play, no microtransactions; free. The game will be developed in concert between Epic and community developers. Assets, gameplay, mods, and more will be created by the community, and available in the game for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, the source for UT4 is part of the Unreal Engine 4 Subscription, which means developers can utilize it.

UT4 will support Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. UT4 supports modding, so expect to see a large fan community pop up quickly.

Learn More

Read the announcement on the Unreal Engine blog.

Additionally, a new Unreal Tournament subforum has been opened on the Unreal Engine forum.

Go Get It!

If you are an Unreal Engine 4 subscriber, you can check out the new Unreal Tournament branch from GitHub. If you are interested in using the Unreal Engine, you can get the full source code on subscription for $19 per month.

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  1. Here is a Gaming Roundup from Tor’s blog featuring the news. Also be sure to catch the Witcher 3 feature in the Gaming Roundup from a couple weeks back.

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