Welcome to the Digital Lycaeum

This is something I’ve been meaning to set up for a while now, and in fact it has been discussed a few times on Ultima Aiera. It’s one thing to host projects and offer space to would-be Ultima fan project developers who are in need of a website, but let’s face it: the hardest part of making an Ultima project isn’t making it known online or socializing it to the wider Internet.

The hardest part of making an Ultima project…is actually building the damn thing.

That is what this site aims to address.

Rare indeed is the individual who is equally talented with code, music, artwork, 2D pixel art or 3D modelling (as needed), and suchlike. Such a person might indeed be able to build a fan project all on his own…but the rest of us will need some help in one or more of those areas. A coder isn’t necessarily an artist, and a 3D artist isn’t necessarily a musician. Any of these might set out to do something about and for Ultima…but unless he finds people who are, in effect, the other pieces of the development puzzle, he won’t get far.

Enter this site.

Over the years, and through many fine projects, Ultima fans have generated a lot of music, artwork, and even 2D and 3D graphical assets. My aim, in launching this Digital Lycaeum, is to bring together in one convenient repository as much of that content as possible, for other aspiring Ultima fan project teams to take advantage of and use in their own works. To that end, this site will allow registered users to upload all manner of game assets which, once they are vetted, can be downloaded and used for free by any and all interested groups. Interested users will also be able to sign up and post reviews of content…and maybe even other Ultima projects; I haven’t decided on that last point just yet.

For now, the site is still very much in its infancy, and will likely see quite a bit of expansion in the coming days, weeks, and months. So for now: welcome!

WtF Dragon

I currently live in (near) Edmonton, Canada, and I daylight as a SCADA Analyst at Inter Pipeline Ltd. I'm a husband, a father to three busy little girls, and a devout Catholic. I also volunteer as a leader with the 59th Edmonton Scout Group, having previously been a member for over 20 years. Outside of those things, I run a busy fan community website, play games when I can, and try to build games using both the Unity and Stencyl engines. And sometimes, if so moved, I write about things. Whether that's a promise or fair warning is left, as an exercise, for the reader to decide.

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6 Responses

  1. Leewelo says:

    I hope this will bear plenty of nice fruits.

    bettimde inzen ter múrtas benfin esh benommání tenresá

    lemmúr teristaporre nes!

  2. Browncoat Jayson says:

    Maybe its just me, but the main logo looks a little distorted. Here’s one I tired to put together:

    Also, the site has the default WordPress site icon. Could you change this to the same one Aiera and the Codex uses?

    • wtf_dragon says:

      That logo is sexy; we shall use it! (I threw the current one together in a hurry, and it does have some issues.)

      And yeah, a new favicon ain’t hard.

      Update: Alas, now there is an issue. Can you either normalize the background colour to match that in the site header, and/or make it transparent?

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