An image of Britannia’s smaller moon, Felucca. This moon has an orbit of 14 days, meaning it completes two full rotations each month. The phase of Felucca determines the destination of a blue moongate after midnight.

This image is derived from its appearance in Ultima 9, during cutscenes. Some modifications were made, as the entirety of the moon’s surface was not onscreen at any one time.

In-game, Felucca shone with a slightly bluish tint.

Browncoat Jayson

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  1. eightvirtues says:

    Oooohh. I need that. Nice find.

  2. Marquillin says:

    Easy to forget about her when most of the games are isometric and “Moon’s eye” perspective. Hopefully the fan remakes will give the moon – and her tie to the moongates – fair justice. It’d be cool to create some of Britannia’s constellations too.

  1. August 22, 2011

    […] important meaning within the Ultima series. Not only does the world feature two moons, Trammel and Felucca, but these moons are linked to the moongates. Moongate travel is a vital part of the travelling […]

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