Alienware and Crytek Collaborate for Development

Alienware and CryENGINE

Alienware and the CryENGINE

Dell’s Alienware is teaming up with CryENGINE developer Crytek. As part of their collaboration, Crytek will integrate the Alienware AlienFX lighting control software into the CryENGINE development kit. Alienware will also provided Crytek with Linux-powered systems for the development and promotion of CryENGINE’s new native Linux support.

AlienFX is a lighting control software, exclusive to Alienware systems, that allows gamers to create their own custom lighting and special effect themes. Alienware is working with Crytek to incorporate AlienFX in CryENGINE. This will allow players using Alienware systems to experience special lighting effects during games built with CryENGINE, such as having the system flash red when the player’s health is low, or glow blue while swimming.

Alienware is also dedicated to supporting Linux game development, and have provided Crytek with Linux-powered Alienware X51 gaming desktops to use as performance benchmark systems and showcase new tools, and Alienware 14 gaming laptops and Alienware 17 gaming laptops to demonstrate AlienFX integration.

Additional Information

You can learn about using the AlienFX system in the YouTube video below:

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The AlienFX system should be available in a future release of the CryENGINE SDK. You can learn more about Alienware systems at their website, and about CryENGINE at CryTek’s site.

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