Crytek and AMD Bring Mantle Support to CryENGINE

Mantle on CryENGINE

Mantle on CryENGINE

Crytek and AMD have announced that they have entered into a technology partnership to add native Mantle graphics API support to CryENGINE.

From AMD’s press release:

AMD’s Mantle API makes creating games for the PC more efficient than ever. Launched in September 2013, Mantle works by streamlining communication between a gamer’s CPU and GPU. By alleviating communication bottlenecks and making efficient use of existing PC hardware, Mantle helps improve overall game performance.

The potent combination of Mantle and CRYENGINE empowers game developers to accelerate PC development and extract unprecedented gaming performance, exclusively from AMD products with Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture.

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You can find out more about the Mantle graphics API on AMD’s website, and about CryENGINE on the Crytek site.

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