Native Linux Support for CryENGINE



At this year’s GDC, Crytek will unveil full native Linux support in the new CRYENGINE, which includes additional featured designed for Ryse: Son of Rome such as Physically Based Shading rendering. Gamasutra posits that the update is in response to the Linux-based SteamOS, which game distributor Valve has recently released.

The relevant bits from Twitter:

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If you are attending the 2014 Game Developers Conference (GDC), held between March 17 and March 21, 2014 in San Fransisco, you can see a hands-on of the new features first. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the official release, which will likely follow soon behind.

The current version of the CryENGINE SDK can be downloaded from

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  1. Sanctimonia says:

    The stone is rolling, and Indy is running in terror! Awesome news. This also may bode well for Star Citizen on Linux. Hopefully Mr. Roberts isn’t a Windows snob and will give it proper consideration.

  1. March 20, 2014

    […] Dell’s Alienware is teaming up with CryENGINE developer Crytek. As part of their collaboration, Crytek will integrate the Alienware AlienFX lighting control software into the CryENGINE development kit. Alienware will also provided Crytek with Linux-powered systems for the development and promotion of CryENGINE’s new native Linux support. […]

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