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Over the last couple of months, Crytek has been hard at work on their CryENGINE gaming engine. Unfortunately, I havn’t been able to keep up with the news, so this post contains several pieces of news.


Since CryENGINE released version 3.6.2 on Steam, a few updates have been posted.

CryENGINE 3.6.3

The second major update from Crytek on Steam upgrades the engine to 3.6.3, releases source code for two modules of the engine, and adds a Sample Assets package as DLC on Steam.


  • The CryAction module includes game systems such as Flowgraph for Scripting, the Mannequin Character and Animation tools as well as our Vehicle System.
  • The CryInput module includes the controller device implementation for gamepads, mouse and keyboard. Having access to this module makes it easier to add support for different input devices such as a steering wheel or joystick.
  • Several improvements to the editor.

Hotfix 3.6.3 Build 2674

A hotfix was released for 3.6.3, which corrects the inability to switch layers of objects.

CryENGINE 3.6.4

The third update on Steam upgrades the engine to 3.6.4, and includes a number of changes not only to the engine, but also to the license agreement. Specifically, the EULA was updated for clarity, and to allow users to include sample assets in their work, and to distribute plug-ins and tutorials as User-Generated Content.


  • Entity System Source Code: Access to this code will allow you to implement the core system that handles the logical units in the game world. These get direct access to core modules of the engine such as renderer, physics, sound and script system.
  • Script System Source Code: Hosts the Lua virtual machine featuring a custom made Lua Visual Debugger which can be used from Sandbox or directly in game. The module also hosts many script bind implementations that expose C++ functionality to Lua.
  • More than 70 fixes and optimizations to the CryENGINE editor.

Hotfix 3.6.4 Build 2715

A smaller set of changes were released after 3.6.4.


CryENGINE Game Starter Kit

CryDev Staffer Richmar1 has created a “Game Starter kit” for CRYENGINE that you can use for a clean start for your own game projects.

Information about the starter kit, a tutorial video, and the download are available on the CryDev site.

Future plans for CryENGINE

Carl Jones, the Director of Business Development at Crytek, gave an interview with Gamasutra recently about the future of the CryENGINE.

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