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Alongside its competitors announcements today, Crytek has revealed that its upcoming version of the CryENGINE will have a list of new features.

The new version (the announcement was not clear if this was CryENGINE 3.6, or 4.0) would include the following features:


Physically Based Shading – In contrast to traditional observational based shading, Physically Based Shading model simulates the interaction between light and materials using real world physics.

Geometry Cache – Computes efficient, cache-based animations to realize the most complex simulations (cloth, explosions, fluid dynamics) normally only possible in offline rendering.

Character Technology – Scalable, technically-advanced animation and rendering systems deliver astonishingly realistic characters for games in real-time. Lifelike iris parallax mapping allows for a truly realistic eye representation, while new unified shaders for character shadows and hair add to the possibilities.

Image Based Lighting – Image Based Lighting brings lighting and render consistency to all materials, using advanced BRDF values and normalization of specular highlights to render even the most complex lighting situations.

Linux Support – Creates builds targeted for Linux Ubuntu 12.04 and newer versions of the operating system, adding to existing support for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation®4, Wii UTM, Xbox 360, PlayStation®3, iOS and Android.


Following the Unreal Engine 4’s monthly subscription model was Crytek’s own annoucement of their “engine-as-a-service” platform.

This platform will allow indie developers to use all of CryENGINE’s cutting-edge features for a monthly subscription fee of only $9.90 per user, all royalty free.

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You can learn more about these features on You can utilize the current version of the CryEngine by downloading it for free.

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