July 2013 Unreal Development Kit

Unreal Development Kit (UDK)

Epic Games Releases July 2013 Unreal Development Kit Beta

This update was released to correct an error that was causing errors with iOS releases. Specifically, this corects the following:

  • Removed UDID from iOS builds, which could cause an “Invalid Binary” error.
  • Resolved a streaming memory leak
  • Corrected audio to be stable and consistent on iOS

While small, this release does correct otherwise show-stopping bugs.

Go get it!

The July 2013 beta for UDK is available at www.udk.com.

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  1. January 14, 2014

    […] this means a new UDK version will be released soon! The last released version was the July 2013 Beta, which itself was a minor bugfix from the February 2013 release. With the Unreal Engine 4 making […]

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