Shroud of the Avatar Unity Tutorial 3

Shroud of the Avatar

Shroud of the Avatar

Last Friday’s Unity Tutorial, the third in the series from Shroud of the Avatar Technical Director Chris Spears, gave us the glimpse at some crowdsourced scenes and some tips for creating and optimizing scenes within Unity!

Watch the Tutorial!

Chris shows off some fan-created scenes from the practice Scene Jam, where crowdsource developers recreated Buccaneer’s Den, and discusses issues and solutions. The full video is 71 minutes.

Here are some of the issues Chris talks about during the view:

  • Z-Fighting
  • Alpha Blending/Sorting
  • Fog
  • Player Direction
  • Movement
  • Camera Clipping/View Frustrum
  • Light Blowout
  • Texture Painting/Stretching
  • Adding Audio
  • Exporting a Package

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