Unity Developers Can Now Target PlayStation Vita


Unity Engine

Today, Unity Technologies announced that Unity 4.3 now supports deployment to the PlayStation Vita console.

Back in March 2013, Unity and PlayStation partnered to support Unity development on every PlayStation platform. That first manifested in support for the PlayStation 3 with the release of Unity 4. Now, developers with a Sony licensed developer agreement will be able to deploy their game to the Vita.

Unity takes advantage of the Vita’s hardware, including the built-in motion sensors, front and rear cameras, dual analog controllers and rear touch pad. Games in Unity can also take advantage of the full suite of PlayStation Network (PSN) features; this includes Trophies, Friends, and Matching.

This is huge news for developers who want to target a handheld system from Unity!

Get It!

As always, Unity is available to download for free.

For information on becoming a licensed developer for the PS Vita, visit the Sony company registration site.

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