Unreal Engine 4 Adds Mac Development

Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4

Over the announcement of Unreal Engine 4 becoming available, and its new subscription model, I missed this part of the engine news: UE4 will receive OS X support. This means developers will be able to develop platform agnostic games, and just build them to deliver to Windows or Mac. I’m assuming that the OS X build will be similar to the iOS builds, where you can develop on Windows but will need to build on an Mac using Xcode.

Engadget looked deeper, and believes this is just the first step:

Beyond the subscription service and full access to the source code (which is a big move unto itself), Unreal Engine 4 is getting OS X support. There’s also evidence in the source code that Epic’s working on Oculus Rift, Linux, Steam Machines and HTML5 support.

Again, all good news for multi-platform developers!

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