Unreal Engine 4.1 Update Released

Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4

Epic has announced that Unreal Engine 4.1 is available for subscribers! It features over 100 improvements to the game engine, including support for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at no additional charge.

The GitHub repository showed 304 changed files, with over 9,100 additions and 3,600 deletions between 4.0 and 4.1.


The features were announced as part of the Update preview earlier this month. Additionally, a few other changes made their way into the release:

  • A new vector math example level
  • Built-in editor tutorials
  • Editor News Feed
  • Drag-and-Drop Directory Importing
  • Remapping of Viewport Controls
  • Debug Histogram Visualization

Plus many other minor enhancements! The full Release Notes are available on the Unreal Engine blog.

Go Get It!

If you are an Unreal Engine 4 subscriber, you can download the changes from GitHub. If you are interested in using the Unreal Engine, you can get the full source code on subscription for $19 per month.

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