Apple iOS 8 to feature Metal API, Swift Code, and More

Apple iOS 8

Apple iOS 8

At WWDC this week, Apple announced iOS 8.

The new operating system will be released this fall, and is compatible with the iPhone 4s and all variations of the iPhone 5, the iPad 2 and subsequent generations, and the latest iPod Touch.

Developer Features

While, as per usual, the main features of the OS update are focused on the user experience, it also features some new innovations for developers.

Metal Graphics API

The “Metal” API is a graphics engine designed to enhance performance on iOS devices. At WWDC, the Unreal Engine, Unity, and CryEngine all featured demos utilizing the new API.

Swift Programming Language

The “Swift” code is a new programming language for application development for both iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite.

Additional Changes

Other changes are coming with iOS 8 that will be useful for developers

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